Tuesday, May 19, 2009

breaking down in 5 minutes or less

My life might not end up looking the way I had planned.

You see, I am a perfectionist that can't quite get anything right. I am a hard
worker with passion, dedication and a huge lazy streak. I am loving and compassionate, yet
filled with anger, hate a rage. I am independent and lonely. Even though I am against most
built in traditions, I find myself craving the things that the people celebrating those
traditions have.

Things are not always black and white. There is not always an exact right or an exact wrong answer. Sometimes the
answer is just an answer. It is just the best solution to a particular problem that you
could think up at that moment. So you went with it and now things just are the way that they are.

I once thought that love was enough but falling in love only decreases your value....... unless you have a system. You might ask "well what type of system does he have?" The truth is it wouldn't work for most people anyways. Regardless, that is another blog all together.

No one ever really seems to be honest with each other and it all seems
harmless until someone loses an eye or worse........ has their heart broken! Then one day you wake up and realize that life isn't that way for everyone else.

Then again it could be just as easy to sit on the sofa and drink whiskey. That's the problem with free time. You never know how to spend it. You can't always be wasted because at some point you might need your head. Sometimes you have to feel the pain before you can figure out how to make it go away.