Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Shaking in Frank Walton's Boots!

To be fair to Christians I must say first and foremost that Frank Walton is not your typical Christian. As a matter of fact most Christians find him embarrassing. Frank Walton is scared to debate me after our last encounter and is using his tactics to keep voices like mine silent in his forum. This type of censorship of information does not lead to healthy discussion. It is the type of totalitarian technique that has been employed throughout history by fascist regimes. I am just thankful that Frank Walton is alive in this day and age and that he is only a college student with no real power. History has shown that Frank Walton under different circumstances, in a different time, would be the type that would condone the torture and murder of anyone who did not have a view similar to his own.

I have offered to debate Frank Walton. He has turned it down. Frank Walton is scared. He should be scared. If he debated me he would be forced to answer real questions that he does not have the answer to. He would be forced to admit that he censors comments on his site based on more than just his “rules.” I have even offered to answer his question directly. Frank Walton is scared. He might say he isn’t but his refusal to answer me clearly shows that he is. Actions always speak louder than words. So keep that tail tucked between your legs Frank Walton. I am watching you.


Frank Walton said...

Uh, when did you offer to debate me? In our first "debate" (personally, I didn't even know that we were debating) you said you creamed me. So, *SHRUGS* why cream me some more oh great one? Anyway, I'm going to be debating someone so much more harder and smarter than you soon.

angelsdepart said...

My My My what a poor memory you have. It's easy to appear any way you want when you moderate people out of your comments and close down discussion. I love your baseless statements too.

"Anyway, I'm going to be debating someone so much more harder and smarter than you soon."

More Harder? You need to take a grammer class Frank. Like I said actions speak louder than words! Sucker!

angelsdepart said...

I also posted all of your dodges on Keith Jenson's myspace page but here they are again so you can remember what you "didn't" debate

1. How do you know that you found my website more amusing than mine? Do you know how I felt and you felt more? (This is in regards to a statement made in the beginning of the conversation

2. Where is your proof that atheist have bad taste in music? Is that from a study? (He actually said this.)

3. Why would you delete my comment when it does not break any of your rules?

4. How does supposedly not conceding to a lie not make me not open to the "love of God?" Why won't you concede that there are only Christians posting comments on your page when it is abundantly clear?

5. This is my favorite one. In the same letter, you say "I didn't say that not conceding to the lie makes you unworthy of Christ's salvation" and then a few sentences later you say "However, NOBODY is worthy of Christ's salvation anyway." Which is it?

Might as well add a #6. How do you know that the guy you are about to debate is "More harder and smarter" than me? (LOL) Do you have both our IQ scores. When your a Xian there is really no need for any evidence, is there?

say no to christ said...

Who is this Frank Walton? He really needs to seek help for his relentless projection issues.

angelsdepart said...

He is a huge liar too. Check out this comment!

"Obviously, TXatheist is ignoring the fact that I moderate comments because a number of atheists continue to stalk me with inappropriate comments."

I have never made an inappropriate comment on his site yet he censors me anyways. He has admitted to doing the same to Aaron Kinney just to "screw with him." Frank either has a really bad memory or he is a really big liar.

Atheism Sucks! sucks said...

That Infidel Mike is not really Mike. That's some blog Frank, or one of his friends, made up.

Shawn Wilkinson said...

Apparently, Walton is debating an RRS member. "Harder and smarter" seems more relative, though. I think a good question to ask Frank is "Smarter in what, exctly? History, science, philosophy, geography, etc?"

Don't let the imbecility of Wank Falton keep you down, though ;-P

tina said...

Just sitting here smiling, you don't need my two cents worth. (smile)

Frank Walton Sucks! said...

The only post about Frank Walton you will ever need to read.

Frank Walton atheism sucks atheismsucks.blogspot.com