Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A man worthy of being called a hero!

Hugh Hefner on Religion

If a man has a right to find God in his own way, he has a right to go to the devil in his own way also. It sometimes happens that the man most other men would agree is surely going to the devil has instead discovered a new truth that is leading him away from established thought and tradition to a better way. In time these other men will understand and follow. ...
We're applying 16th century religion to a 20th century world; a more sophisticated time requires a more sophisticated faith. There's no logic in the belief that man's body, mind and soul are in conflict rather than in harmony with one another. ...
Religious leaders can attempt to persuade us of the correctness of their beliefs — they have this right, and indeed it is expected of them. They have no right, however, to attempt in any way to force their beliefs on others. And most especially, they have no right to use the power of the government to implement such coercion

Hugh Hefner on Sex

Everybody, if they've got their head on straight, wants to be a sexual object, among other things. They want to be attractive. Otherwise, what a sad and pathetic life. To really live a worthwhile life is to be attracted to and attractive to other people.

Hugh Hefner on the Afterlife

I haven't a clue. I'm always struck by the people who think they do have a clue. It's perfectly clear to me that religion is a myth. It's something we have invented to explain the inexplicable. My religion and the spiritual side of my life come from a sense of connection to the humankind and nature on this planet and in the universe. I am in overwhelming awe of it all: It is so fantastic, so complex, so beyond comprehension. What does it all mean — if it has any meaning at all? But how can it all exist if it doesn't have some kind of meaning? I think anyone who suggests that they have the answer is motivated by the need to invent answers, because we have no such answers.


Tone said...

Great blog! Thanks for stoping by my rants page. I plan to be back. Speaking of Hefner, I will blog roll you, that always sounds somewhat sexual to me. Perhaps, add to blog roll is better. NOPE not really.

The Alpha said...

Wow. I've never seen Hugh Hefner presented in such a light. It's refreshing to see another side of him.

Aaron Kinney said...

Now the only question left is: how do we get Hefner to invite you and I to a Playboy Mansion party?!?!?!?

I actually know someone who went to one and she said it was wild as all hell. Sounds like my kind of place!