Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Vote for me!!!

I have decided that the only way to make a change in this country is to run for president. Here is a link to my campaign page. Click here! If you think you have a shot against me then go to www.u4prez.com , sign up and post your issues. I have posted mine below in case you don't feel like linking today!

My favorite president: Clinton, Kennedy
My worst president: Bush, G.W. Bush
My number 1 issue: Seperation of religious influence from the government

Candidate Biography

I am a resident of the United States but I am a citizen of the world. I don't believe in the tooth fairy, Santa Claus, God, or any other of those fictional characters. I have used drugs and had illicit sex! I think logically and I like to hear every side of an argument before making my decisions. I love my wife and I would die for her. I am tough on crime but willing to show mercy in the face of true repentance. I do not believe that I am better than you and I do not believe that you are better than me.

I was born in Oregon and raised in California. I was brought up in a Christian home but rejected the silly teachings at around the age of 20. I played guitar in the mildly successful band, DERT, in northern California and the extremely successful band Blackball (who later turned into The SuperUnknown) in Southern California. I received a degree in psychology from Long Beach State and did a couple of years of post grad study. I eventually specialized in computers through a certification program. I moved to Denver to run a restaurant and when that did not work out I attempted unsuccessfully to move to Amsterdam. After Amsterdam I returned to Denver where I miraculously survived an incident with a drunk driver. It was then that I realized my calling to make a change in this senseless world.

My Soundbite

How did we elect Bush twice?

What I would do as president

Here are my issues

Abortion - A woman’s body is sovereign. No one and no government has the right to tell her or anyone what they can and cannot do with their own body. If government were to ever consider getting involved in this choice then they would also be responsible for taking care of all of the babies that the mothers did not want but were forced to have. A large portion of this issue would be resolved instantly by providing sexual education and easy access to contraceptives. On the flip side of this issue, women deciding to keep a child that the father does not want to have, will not be able to collect child support from him. It must be drafted in writing that he is a willing participant to be a father. The woman can of course have the baby and support it on her own, but the father cannot be financially trapped due to his lack of say in the final outcome of the pregnancy.

Gay rights – This should not have to even be said but gay people are just as much people as straight people. A person’s sexual preference and practices in the bedroom are personal and have absolutely nothing to do with everyday life. If gays want to marry, then what is the problem with that? Gay people are allowed to be in love with each other and they should be allowed to express it through the legal binding contract of marriage. They should be allowed to have all of the benefits of marriage. There is no reason that sexual practices should in any way effect legal status of any kind.

Gun Control – If the country had been anti-gun from its inception then it would be understandable to continue to take an anti-gun stance. Since there is already such a massive amount of guns in circulation, making guns illegal will only put good law abiding citizens at risk of physical danger, while passing more power onto criminals who will refuse to turn their guns over. Guns should be regulated but never outlawed.

Health care – If you have not made arrangements to ensure that you have the appropriate health care provided to you in your career or through a private organization then you have to suffer the consequences of your inaction. People should not be going through life expecting everyone else to take care of them. If you want better coverage and benefits then get a better education and a better job. If you believe that Jesus can heal your ailments then you should drop your health coverage and rely solely on him. This would in turn give the industry some breathing room to pass on some affordable rates to those who don’t believe in such nonsense.

Illegal immigration – Why are we keeping people out of our country? If they are willing to work, learn our language, and obey the law, then there is no reason that we should not allow them in.

The deficit- It is important not to be in debt to anyone. America should work towards being self sufficient and relying on our own money and energy sources. This does not mean secluding ourselves from the rest of the world, but rather positioning ourselves to do business with the rest of the world on an even playing field.

Nuclear Weapons – Unfortunately, until we can be sure that there is no one else in the world with Nuclear weapons we can never disarm ours. We should invest money in making sure that our defenses are top notch and that we are ready for attacks from those nations with whom our reputation is unsalvageable.

War on Terrorism – We are not going to stop a war on terror by trying to fight in the middle of a civil war in the middle east. We should take our troop presence and concentrate it on finding and killing known terrorist. We should make it known that if you attack America that your whole organization will be hunted down like wild animals and killed. Fighting in Iraq will not stop a terrorist group based in Afghanistan.

Exit strategy from Iraq – Bring our boys home, we have no business being there!

Domestic spying – The patriot act is anything but patriotic. We have a right to privacy in this country that needs to be protected at all cost. Fear propaganda should not be sufficient enough to give up the privacy that should be allotted for our daily lives.

Separation of Church and State – Religion is the right of the individual. Religious beliefs have no place in politics though. Religious leaders should not be allowed to influence political agenda in anyway. Decisions effecting this great country should be made on reason and logic and not contain the influence of some imaginary figure that is watching us from the clouds. For crying out loud people, this is the 21st century!!!


Aaron Kinney said...

Haha! you got my vote :)

Dont let the Christians know, but I disabled comment moderation on my blog. You were right and I miss it without moderation.

Fucking trolling bastards have to force me to babysit my shit just to keep the Bible humping pedophiles out...

But I kept the email notification on so that I can check for trolls without having to approve everything anyone posts.

Wheeee!!!! :D

Intergalactic Hussy said...

You got my vote, too! We need an atheist president... I like your stances on stuff.

Good Luck! :P

tina said...

You would definitely get my vote! (psst...I noticed you wrote, "incident" with drunk driver....good choice of words. I know how you feel about saying "accident". Hope you are doing well.

julie.kuraitis said...

i'm packed and ready to move to the white house; we may need to have it fumigated after bush, but i know a guy! you are my hero and i'm behind you all the way.