Monday, June 25, 2007

Ha Ha!

This is really funny. You can submit the URL of your blogsite and get your Blog rating. It comes as no suprise what my blog was rated! I also tried to get onto my blog from a hotel computer and was Denied Access because my blog seems to contain explicit content. "Landlords and Powerwhores." Click on my rating if you want to try it out on your site!

Online Dating

Mingle2 - Online Dating

Here are the words that set it off

kill (10x) abortion (7x) gay (4x) sex (3x) bitch (1x)


tina said...

That is hilarious!
You've been tagged! Please see my blog, Mister Jeb's Blog. Already been tagged, ignore this message.

Hope you are doing well today.

Intergalactic Hussy said...

I got a PG-13...I'm sort of jealous!

Intergalactic Hussy said...

FYI, you've been tagged.