Sunday, December 9, 2007

A new year’s resolution

What are you going to do for the New Years? Get Drunk? No, I mean to better yourself. New Years is the time in the year when everyone decides what they are going to do different for the rest of the year. It is the time of the year when people will make a decision to give up vices, stop drinking, stop sleeping around so much, workout more, eat healthier. The problem is that there is three more weeks until New Years day is here and there is a lot of damage to be had by your body in the meantime.

I don’t know if it is just me but the whole concept of waiting until a certain day to accomplish an objective such as this seems a little archaic. Something so silly can only be rooted in the deep traditional values that religion tends to instill into human societies.

I mean seriously, why do I have to wait until Valentine’s Day to give my lover some chocolates and tell her that I love her and was thinking about her? Why does our whole country have one day every year where we feel compelled to eat tons of turkey? Why do we all wait until December to rush off and buy gifts for our loved ones that show them how much we care. Why do we wait until Veterans Day to honor war heroes and mother’s day to honor our mothers? Why don’t we just consistently love, honor and think of these people every day? Are we really this mindless?

I say let’s eat turkey in February. Let’s tell our lovers that we love them every day. Let’s always honor our war heroes. Let’s pretend like every day is Christmas and treat people with the respect we bring out in the holidays the whole year! I say if we are going to make healthy decisions, start making them right now! Don’t wait for new years. Don’t allow your life to be run by a corporate clock. Let’s take back control. Let’s run our lives the way we want to. Is anybody with me? Will any one stand up and cease to be slaves to tradition with me?


tina said...

*Raises Hand!*
How are you doing?

angelsdepart said...

Good! Thanks for asking! What is your resolution and when will you start?

tina said...

I never make resolutions on New Years.It's just something I have never done.
I'm one of those people who try to do good throughout my life, mostly with my family. My extended family, my sisters and a few of my brothers etc. I have a very large family. I am one of ten children. :) Anyway, no resolutions for me. about healthy decisions...My daughter moved to a smaller house and has no room for her treadmill, so, guess who has it now? Me! No excuses for me now!

Glad to hear you are doing better. It's funny, not funny ha ha but you know, you are the only other blogger that has touched my heart with your story. I think about you now and then. Hope you are well.

garyandteresa said...

I'm with you on that! But... Have you ever tried to get a Turkey in July?

tina said...


Adrianne Bradley said...

I completely agree with you! Let us take back control of our lives! Let's live life to the fullest, with love, truth, honor, repect, empathy, drive and goals. Let us not put heavy expectations on ourselves or others. Let us live in the moment with a goal in mind. Let us have control back and most importantly, have control over our own selves and emotions! Let's celebrate and cherish everyday and the ones important to us. Let's not let jobs, money, temporary issues dictate our happiness and goals. We CAN do this, we WILL do this. Just believe and make it so. LOVE AdriHope