Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Frank Walton gets schooled

The following is a conversation that took place between Frank Walton and myself. Frank Walton is a so called "Extreme Christian." He tries to put Christianity into a scientific form and back up the bible with "facts" in order to get his point across. His motto is "We put non-Christians on the defensive. Through reading this correspondence you can clearly see for yourself that Frank's arguments are all rooted in a fundamental mis-interpretation of the bible. Not that the bible is a viable source! He is known for resorting to name calling, ignoring the argument and changing the subject when he is backed into a corner and hard pressed. Anything in parenthesis is the following blog is my commentary that was added after the fact

(This was my initial comment to Frank which he deleted because it did not praise him strongly enough)
Your website is great. I have not been this entertained in a long time. I was wondering a couple of things. You said that atheist have no grounds for appreciating art and as a result they have "the worst taste in music." How do you know this? Is that from a study? I also saw a post from atheist bacon eating Jew. He wanted to debate with you. I thought that would be interesting to read. Did that debate ever happen? Thanks for the entertainment.

(Frank deletes my comment and removes me from his friends list)

(Frank responds)
Hey silence, yeah I took him on. He's not exactly a sophisticated guy, but he posted some comments in my blog before. I'm glad you found our webpage to be humorous. Personally, I find yours more amusing. (Interesting, he must know all of my feelings!)

(My response)
Yea, you tend to only allow people on your friends list who agree with you. I can understand how being close minded would be important for you, considering your set of beliefs. I love reading forums where Atheist and Christians argue, considering that they are both equally ridiculous. I am curious how you know that you found my website more amusing, or how you know that atheist have bad taste in music. What is your barometer for knowing? Did god tell you? You make a lot of claims but I can't find anywhere where you back them up. I am open minded. If a Christian presented a good argument to me then I could be persuaded. But most Christians, when faced with adversity seem to back down or shun those that are questioning them. Interesting to see that you are no different. Anyways I wish the best to you. Peace

(Now Frank starts to get agitated and he starts his usual dance)
Hey Silence, Well, if you actually read my profile and saw the blog there have been atheists who have posted in them. (Since when did I mention his blogs?) If you were open minded enough you would have at least tried reading them. (Open minded, I am asking for you to explain your arguments. I am ready to listen. How much more open minded does it get?)Thanks for nothing, Frank

(Here I point out that he has not responded and then I throw in a little dig just to get him fired up! By the way calling someone on their actions compared to their religion is always a great way to get under their skin!)
Again you respond to nothing, and that attitude!!! Very Christian of you. Love Humanity

(Frank responds)
Hi Silence, Well, I responded to your accusation that I don't allow people who differ with me to comment. (He did???) I know you hate it when I find out lies about you, but dude, you have to accept how full of it you are. (Now he says I am lying. About what I can't figure out!) Yes, I do have an attitude. And it is very Christian. (Is it Christian to have an attitude? I thought Jesus said to turn the other cheek?) That's probably the most truthful thing you ever said so far! (Again with the lying!)Thanks for something this time, Frank

(I respond)
And you have nothing else! It is obvious that anyone who disagrees with you gets shut out by you! Your 19 years old! So this type of behavior makes sense. Some pastor somewhere probably instilled the fear of God into you and you felt a "calling" to instill it into everyone else. (The church grows through fear don't they?) You also just repeat every accusation or argument that is sent to you back at the person that sent it. I have noticed in your blogs that one of your main techniques is calling names ie "baldy, fat, stupid, full of it" (He does this in spite of the fact that he list rules on his blog site that forbid profanity and name calling!) Is this how Jesus handled these situations? What good are you doing for your cause?!?! Stop calling names and convince me that God is good and that he loves me! (Clearly open minded, I am ready to receive the word of God. Why won't he speak it to me?)Not a Christian but I care more than one!

(Now Frank is getting really pissed)
Hi Silence,
Good to hear from you as always. Well, since you can't concede your lie, in fact, you keep repeating it (Again, what lie? He has this scenario in his head that doesn't exist), I don't see the use of trying to show how much God loves you. (No use in trying to show me how much God loves me!!! Isn't that a Christians job?!?!?) Obviously, you haven't been honest. (Here we go with the lying again!) And by not conceding to that it shows that you really aren't open to the love of God. (Not open to the love of God because of a lie? Didn't God send Jesus to the earth for the sinners? If this is not a circular arguement, then I don't know what is!)Thanks for nothing again. Your pal,
(O.K. now I had to get serious with him because he is starting to veer way off course)
Let me get this straight, the lie is that I said that 1. Only Christians are allowed to post comments on your site when you say that Atheist have posted as well and 2. If I have said this lie and not conceded to the lie then I am not worthy of Christ's salvation! Well below is a post of every comment on your page ......and guess what, not one of them is from an atheist. They are all Christians that are praising you. There is no lie to concede to. According to the bible we are all worthy of Christ salvation. Did you write your own version? Can I see it? (Because if he did write his own version of the bible it might be an interesting read!) Cause I use the King James version. I just want to make sure I am on the same page. You seem to be making up rules! Christian comments 17 Atheist comments 0 What lie? Why can't my soul be saved?
(Here I proceeded to cut and paste all of the comments on his page. They are all comments from Christian supporters praising him for his great web page! If you would like to see them, there is a link at the bottom of this blog.)
(Oh boy, here comes Frank again!!!)
Hi Silence, I didn't say that not conceding to the lie makes you unworthy of Christ's salvation. (O.K. fair enough, let's not be so literal!) Hmm, it seems that you can't help but lie all the time. (The lying again?) But NOW you did concede that you did lie about saying only Christians are allowed to comment in my blog. (I did? Where? What the hell is he talking about? Can anyone find where I conceded this please?) Thank you. (Your welcome I guess?) However, NOBODY is worthy of Christ's salvation anyway. (Wait a minute, just a few sentences ago he says that he never said this, but now he does???) Not even me. It's only by God's mercy and grace that I'm saved. Had you read the Bible or studied Christianity you'd know that. (Wow! He actually knows something from the bible, I am impressed!)Thanks again for a little more than something, (My response)
Conceded what lie? Where? Are you even reading my letters? Do you not even know what's on your own page? There is not one comment on your page from a non-Christian. I even sent you a cut and paste. Dude seriously? What is wrong with you? Here is your quote "Well, since you can't concede your lie in fact, you keep repeating it, I don't see the use of trying to show how much God loves you." How is this saying that I am not worthy? My understanding is that god has put it on his followers to spread the word to everyone, not to those who YOU pick and choose. It really seems that everything that you are accusing me of are things that you yourself are guilty of. Once again, convince me. you have said nothing. Stop making things up and stick to the point. Why does god love me? Why should I follow him? Show some proof! My ears are open, stop insulting and start convincing! This is your big chance to save a soul! Think about your responses, otherwise you are simply wasting my time! Remember you worship Christ! Act like him!
I totally understand what you do now. Your whole motto is putting non-Christians on the defensive. You do this by not answering any questions and by throwing circular questions at those who you are debating. Most atheist are not sophisticated enough to realize this and as a result it becomes easy to destroy them. You do a good job at it. You actually remind me a lot of myself. I used to be a self righteous Christian just like you. I used to play guitar in a very popular Christian rock band, who you have likely even heard of. I was raised in church and I understand the hypocrisy of religion. You avoid the hard questions because to answer them would ruin your own arguments. You call names and twist peoples words. This whole thread started because you deleted a comment from me in which I disagreed with you. Then you claimed that there are many non-Christians with comments on your page! When I proved that there were none you changed the subject again. Further more you have avoided several questions. You simply ignore them because responding to them would show that you really have no ground to stand on. Here are the questions you have avoided 1. How do you know that you found my website more amusing than mine? Do you know how I felt and you felt more? 2. Where is your proof that atheist have bad taste in music? Is that from a study? 3. Why would you delete my comment when it does not break any of your rules? 4. How does supposedly not conceding to a lie not make me open to the "love of God?" Why won't you concede that there are only Christians posting comments on your page when it is abundantly clear? 5. This is my favorite one. In the same letter, you say "I didn't say that not conceding to the lie makes you unworthy of Christ's salvation" and then a few sentences later you say "However, NOBODY is worthy of Christ's salvation anyway." So which is it Frank. Why can't you answer a question? Why can't you even write a letter without contradicting yourself? You are truly so much more entertaining than any other Christian that I have ever spoken with. Thanks for all the laughs!!!
(After this letter Frank goes silent. I have to say I don't blame him. Every time this guy puts his fingers on the keyboard he makes his case worse and he makes Christians look even more idiotic. If you want to check out Franks site for yourself please do. It is some of the most hilarious writing you might ever see. It truly demonstrates the idiocy of the large majority of people who follow the Christian faith. Hope you enjoyed this!) Franks page ->


Frank Walton said...

It's pretty sad to see that you actually thought you did well in this so-called debate. God only knows how many parenthesis you had to put in to make yourself look better! LOL! I hardly even had to try yet I still clobbered you. Thanks, Frank

angelsdepart said...

Frank, even without the "parenthesis" you still look pretty silly. You have yet to answer one question that I have put forward. Instead you just hide behind comment moderation. It suits you well!

abnoxio said...

I love watching that Frank kid go. It's like watching one of those retarded kids on a leash with a helmet trying to put his head through a phone pole. He's really stupid, the kind of stupid he's just to stupid to ever understand much less know. I love Frank.

angelsdepart said...

I heard that he really was retarded, any truth to that?