Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Why God wont go away

So I know that many of you who knew me back in my crazy christian days are pleasantly suprised and happy with the new anti-christian me. ("Please allow myself to introduce..........myself") I am more focused and logical now that I do not blindly accept the ridiculous stories that are presented in the fairy tale called the bible. I mean seriously, this is a book that is supposed to be the divine word of a supreme being called "God", but it has been rewriten and retranslated over and over again throughout the ages. How can you honestly believe that this book is the uncut, divine word of god when humans have had thier hands meddling in it for thousands of years? Do you think that these humans were infallible back then, or that they did not have thier own agenda to insert into these writings.
The alteration of one single word could change the entire meaning of a thought. Even if a word was not changed, the meaning is still subject to the interpretation of the churches, mind you the thousands of different denominations of churches, who all have thier own agenda. The only thing that the different sects of churches do have in common is that they all want your money. They are all non- profit organizations that are run solely for the purpose of making money! Then they like to take thier message and force it down as many throats as they possibly can. They like to do outreaches and make up little plays to do on street corners. They like to tell you how satan has infiltrated your life and how you have to accept Jesus to be free. They like to pick and choose at thier favorite parts of the bible and pretend that the parts that they don't like don't exist. They like to say that they love everyone when in fact they are the most discriminating bunch of idiots in the world.
In the past three months, while going through one of the most tramatic crisis of my entire life I have personally experienced three different "christians" who have ostracized me because of my intense disbelief and renouncing of my faith. Isn't this transitional period the time that they should be embracing me and showing me the "Love of Christ?" None of my wife's old christian friends speak to her now that she has renounced her faith as well. What gives? Why are homosexuals, prostitutes, beggers, and social outcast frowned upon by the church. Aren't these the very people that Jesus would be hanging out with if he were on the earth today? From my understanding he hung out with the "low lifes" of society when he was alive and on this earth.
Organized religion is nothing but organized discrimination. Unfortunatly it is a neccesary evil. There are many in this world that can only be a "good person" with the threat of eternal damnation hanging over their head for wrong doing. I am sure that there are many many people in this world that have been stopped from doing terrible acts because they felt that "God" was watching them. If this is the case then I am happy that the restraints of religion have shown to be useful for something. Marx said that religion was the opiate for the masses. This is true! It is something that the weak and the poor can fall against in order to not have to rely on thier own strength, intelligence or intuition. It is a crutch, a drug, an escape from a reality that seems to wash over them like a wave. It is something that will haunt civilization for the rest of time, and it is something that will get under my skin for as long as I live.
I recently tried to reconcile an old friendship that had fallen apart long ago. It was a friend who I "led to Jesus" back in the day when I did that sort of thing. He claimed that me denouncing god was the reason for my recent accident! What about all of the faithful followers who go through the same thing as I have or worse. Why is god punishing them. They would say it is satan that got to them. Well why would god let satan do that, isn't he all powerful? The truth is that christians will continue to bend world events to mean whatever thier agenda needs them to mean at the time. It is a source of power that the "righteous" can hold in order to look down upon and have contempt for those that they deem to be sinners. As long as this source of power exist in human society and can be used to make money and seperate people from each other, god will not go away!

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