Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Another Blog Meme

Mister Jeb’s blog has tagged me with a meme to discuss the evolution of my blog. This particular meme seems to be spreading like wildfire so, while I am going to participate, I am not going to bother anyone else by tagging them. Besides I think everyone I know has been tagged already anyways.

1. I started blogging on MySpace as a way to release my anger after a 41 year old drunk named Mark Nigon hit my vehicle head on and nearly killed me. The majority of my early blogs where written under heavy influence of morphine, oxycontin and percoset.

2. As A became more lucid I started focusing more on religion. I found that the blogger communities where a good place to find community among free thinkers, humanist and non-believers. This is important because Atheism is not something that tends to lend itself to community and community is something that we desire as human beings.

3. I eventually deleted many of my early drug induced blogs, cancelled my MySpace account and moved to BlogSpot to start over. My religion blog Angels Depart went from a site to debate with Christians to a commentary on the irrationality of belief in the matter of about one year.

4. I also began a site to write about things that were important to me even though they had nothing to do with religion or idiot drunks. This site is The Real JFK

5. Just recently I have added the intelligent and scholarly works of Telos to my blog. While she only has posted a few times so far she adds quite a bit of depth to the blog.

Well, I hope I did it right

Thanks for stopping by!


tina said...

Too bad you didn't keep your drug induced blogs, might be interesting.Anything new on Mark? Hey, I can't access the link to your other blog, The Real
jfk. Thanks for doing the meme thing.

angelsdepart said...

Actually I did save a couple of the drug induced blogs

Why god wont go away
One or two things about Christians

Nothing new on Mark except that they are going to let the animal go free in about 6 weeks.

Thanks for the heads up on the broken links. They are fixed now.

Jason said...