Sunday, July 22, 2007

Caught in a lie!

Frank Walton (click here for a powerful de-conversion tool) has tried everything that he could to get me to forfeit the debate that he challenged me to. I was trying to figure out why he didn't want to have it. He told me that he had taken care of setting up a moderated forum and would get back to me when they were ready for us. After a week I sent off an email to the forum that he said he was using.

Angels-Could you please let me know if you have a request pending for a moderated debate from Frank Walton and what the status is on it.

Dee Dee Warren(of asked us a while ago and said he would let us know if he wanted to. I haven't heard anything recently.

Wait, didn't Frank say he was waiting to hear back from them and that it takes some time to set it up? Well I thought I would ask.

Angels-If I wanted to set up a moderated debate on your site, how much notice would I need to give you?

Dee Dee Warren-It would depend on exactly what you need, meaning what parameters you and your opponent agree to. Generally speaking, one week.

So Frank never even attempted to set up the debate!!! Interesting. I sent this email off to Frank

Angels-You have one day left to set up the debate, unless of course you
would like an extension. All you have to do is ask. You do want to
have a debate right?

Frank sent this reply

Frank-You have to let go, psycho boy. Honestly, you're hurting yourself here over nothing. It's easy: a fair moderated forum, then we debate. But we all know you don't want a fair forum where the rules are strictly enforced. Because the only way you want to defeat your opponent is if you are unfair. If you truly want to take me on, then you'd wait for a fair debate. How hard is that? It wouldn't be so hard to see it from a fair perspective had your head not been up your butt for so long. The balls (sic) in your court, stupid. Can your dumb ass not wait for a fair forum? I guess I'll find out tomorrow, eh? But if you post your opening tomorrow, I am vindicated as far as my perspective on (sic)you is concerned..(gic) that you are truly a cowardly individual who never wanted to debate fairly.

So Frank never even attempted to set up a debate forum or write an opening statement. All he did was attack my blog with over 80 inflammatory comments from his sock puppet and home accounts. Weak dude, weak! I guess everyone was right about me wasting my time. All he needed was enough rope and.......... well, you've seen it for yourself now! LOL! Anyways, now that he has forfeited, here is my opening argument................................. enjoy!!!!

CLICK Does god exist?


tina said...

What's up with this guy?

Frank Walton said...

Listen ass, I didn't lie. How bad do you need me to conceed the debate Psyco boy? You forfeited, not me. Grow up will ya and don't get soft on me.

angelsdepart said...

The funny thing here is that Frank was so worried that I was going to just sit back and pick apart his opening statement that he never wrote one. Then he did exactly that to me. LOL! He posted my opening statement then did a piss poor job picking it apart! What a coward. Anyways I am done toying with him LOL! To funny.

angelsdepart said...

I got a second blog post from him!!! LOL
For being so anti-gay this guy has a real hard on for me!!

Here is his policy on comment moderation.

Angels-Oh yea, I did, but you didn't allow that comment did you? Cowardice is right! LOL

Frank- Not allowing comments that are rational, yes.

Angels- So you don't allow comment that are rational? I don't get you Frank

LOL to much, to much!

angelsdepart said...

My opening was so good that Frank barely touched it! He went back to old blogs from months ago and refuted points from them! OMG Very funny stuff!

This is more entertaining than stand up night at Harrahs and much cheaper! Then he made up a bunch of things, post that he claims he made and that I deleted. Only thing is, the post he is claiming I deleted were made under the Daddy Cool account which he says is not him!

How many lies will this guy tell!!!

Ha ha ha!

Shawn Wilkinson said...

Angel, why are you bothering with someone who has created a plethora of Sucks! blogs? Better to let the pissant wallow in his own offal.