Thursday, July 12, 2007

Someone talk me out of this!

Well I commented on Frank’s page regarding another one of his apparent “debate victories.” Frank asked for a debate and I accepted. It wasn’t long after that that the insults started to fly. I think that it is obvious that Frank tries to badger his debate opponents into saying “fuck you, forget it” so that he can say that he won by forfeit. Frank loves to censor the conversations so I will post them here with parenthetical remarks………. Just because he hates the so much Hahahahahaha. Frank you can’t bitch about me using parenthetical remarks when you censor out entire comments.

(It began here with a comment I made on Frank’s blogsite)
Wow! You win a lot of debates by forfeit!

(Franks Response)
Wow! I didn't say I won by forfeit, you moron! (Aw yes, the insults begin)LOL! It's not like you know what fair debate is like.

(My stupid mistake starts here!)
I will debate you any day Frank! You just keep running scared. It's sad!

(Frank responds)
So then let's debate. The last time we had a discourse, what did you do? You actually put your parenthetical words into my words. (Ha ha, I’m doing it again!) That's a cowardly act if I ever saw one! (So is not approving comments, but hey, everyone runs their sites based on their own set of rules and ideas right?)You obviously don't like to fight fair. (YOU DO?)

Here's what our format will be:

Opening statements: no more than 1500 words.
First Rebuttals: no more than 1000 words.
Second Rebuttals: no more than 800 words.
Conclusions: no more than 600 words.

Duration of the debate: 10 days.


-Using and quoting your opponents words in your statements and rebuttals and conclusion counts in your word count. For instance, if angelsdepart said: "Frank speaks about God and says 'He's a great, cool, gnarly being.' I deny such a being." The word count here is 17, not 11.
-No excessively quoting a source. For instance, quoting lengthy paragraph after paragraph from a source
-No plagiarism.
- No ad hominems.
-Linking is okay so long as you don't use it as an argument for instance, "checkout this link that deals with everything my opponent says", etc..
-References don't count in your word count. (Sounds fair so far)

And since you have a tendency of putting your words into mine I insist we have a moderator. So, let's do this, evolved monkey. (Insults again!)

(I respond)
Who goes first, and who do you suggest moderates? If you are going to hurl insults through the debate, then it will probably not be productive. You can use this account if you want to email.

(Frank responds. Things seem to be going alright now. I actually have a moment where I think this might be civil)
Let me find a moderator. Our openings go up at the same time. I'll email you.

(Never mind, here is the Frank we all know and love)
I'm telling you, angelsdepart, the moment you act like an ass and break the rules it shows that you can't handle a fair debate. I know of your cowardly antics and you best not back down like Drew. I'm going to have fun taking you on.

(My response just to be sure)
One more thing. Which god are we debating about? The Christian one? Ancient Greeks? Allah? Just want to be sure before we get started. Oh yea, do you want a picture so that you can put some cute text around it. How about a list of college degrees, accomplishments and certifications so that you can show everyone how smart you are when you claim that you won at the end. Let me know. (OK ok I admit, I am being an ass again! Ha ha ha.)

I have no college degree yet. (What? But he is so smart!)What do you have, Angel? You have (had, as in the past) a band that has no record label. (Two of my bands were on labels) Anyway, we'll let the people decide whether you or I win.

(Now I get down to exposing him. This is usually were Frank starts to dance)
Had you actually read through the Myspace page that you are referencing you would have seen that not only was that band from my past but also that they were a popular Christian band that was on Metro One Records. (This is clear right? I thought so too, but wait for Franks response!) I would not be surprised to find out that you own a couple of the albums before the name changed from Blackball to TheSuperUnknown. It is probably not wise to show that you assume and make things up right before a debate. Oh yea, since you asked, I have a B.A. in Psychology and studied theology as a minor. I am definitely open to the truth. If you can prove to me that God exist I will gladly accept him/her. Hopefully that is what you try to do rather than your usual insultfest! (Not a chance!)

(This is the Frank Walton I really love)
Where did I deny that you were once a Christian and then deconverted to non-belief? (Seriously, someone please find were I said that!) All I was implying that you're crappy music whether Christian or not sucked so bad you couldn't find a label. (Frank may not be able to read.) It is probably not wise to show that you assume and make things up right before a debate. (I totally remember now that he does this. Frank love to rehash what you just said and throw it back at you!) LOL! I love this guy. I just found out Angelsdepart isn't even an atheist. So, what inevitably you're going to do, Angel, is just stand back on the offensive end while I play defense, right? (If you are the one making all of the claims then wouldn’t I be playing defense? Is this guy serious?) I answer to all the hard questions (Grammar check please) while you do little or nothing to defend your own thoughts. Typical cowardly antics. I insist you make further comments in your own blog for now on, Angel. (Of course, because he is scared) I know you're only here to act like an infinitely perpetual ass. By the way, I sent you about 2 emails on debating and I haven't heard from you yet. oh, but you do have time to comment here, don't you? Whatever.

(Here is the comment that was not approved on Frank’s site!)
Dude, we were on a label, how clear can I be? (Seriously) BTW I responded to your email 17 minutes after you sent it. (This is true, I will show anyone the timestamps if they would like to see them) What type of turn around do you need? I understand if you are not going to post my comments from now on. I would be worried about how I look if I were you. When did I say that you denied that I was once a Christian and deconverted? You are so weird!

Well, angelsdepart just told me he's an agnostic who leans toward atheism. You can't have your cake and eat it, too, angelpoo. Being an agnostic is so much more easier because you hardly ever make claims about anything at all! But I see what you're saying. (God forbid that one’s position is easier. Since when is have a worldview that is easy to understand a crime? Should we all believe in crazy sky Gods? Would that make Frank feel better?)

(Anyways I don’t want to dedicate to much time to Frank. Just wanted to let people see what happens when you agree to debate him.)


Intergalactic Hussy said...

I'm sorry you had to deal with such a poor debater.... its kind of funny though...

angelsdepart said...

I still plan on going through with the debate. It's pretty dumb of me waste my time on such a retard, don't you think? Well if nothing else, it will make for an amusing blog!

Rich Rodriguez said...

Franks an idiot who relies on Ad hominem attacks and anonymous postings to try and aggravate you. Read my blog on the idiot:

July 12, 2007 5:12 PM

Frank Walton said...

"Someone talk me out of this?" So what? You don't want to debate any more? Make up your mind, psychology major. And I see that you continue to put in parenthetical notes in my statements. Obviously, you don't want your readers to read my comments for what they are. You just want to disrupt it, huh? I feel so sorry for you, Angelpoo. You're still acting like a coward from our last discourse. *SIGH* you never change.

angelsdepart said...

Coming from the king of deleting comments I don't find this much of an insult. If you want out of the debate ask nice! Otherwise get your shit together. My initial post is ready!

Frank Walton said...

You don't find it much of an insult? Well, if you can take that as a non-insult, then stop telling everybody I'm insulting you, psycho boy.

Frank Walton said...

Yabba Dabba Do, Motherfucker!

angelsdepart said...

LOL, I think that yabba dabba do, comment has to be fake Walton. LOL

Cory Washington said...

Naw he's real

Daddy Cool said...

It's "corey" not "cory", Ted. That is, if you want to imitate the real corey washington. But that's how his first name is spelt, you dipstick.

angelsdepart said...

Daddy Frank Cool, "Spelt" is a grain. I believe you were looking for "spelled." If you are interested in Organic spelt, here is a link. Sheesh, maybe you should take some classes in English!

Daddy Cool said...

"Organic" should be lower-cased, psycho boy.

Daddy Cool said...

Also, when you say "Someone talk me out of this!" I think this is proof you subconsciously don't want to debate Frank. Sure, you SAY you want to debate him but you don't want it fair do you?

angelsdepart said...

Daddy, just post under the Frank account, it will make it easier! I have already said, if Frank wants to back out, all he has to do is ask. I will let him save face. My opening is ready to go. All you and Frank keep doing is asking if I really want to debate. I have been ready to post for 3 days now. Where is Frank?

Frank Walton said...

I hear you saying you want to debate but you are supossed to wait until I find a host remember. I'll bet you have difficulty following directions. Plus no one's in any hurry to read your plagerized Sam Harris opening anyway. Way to be original psycho boy.

angelsdepart said...

How long does it take to find a forum to host a debate? I think that you are stalling because you can't come up with anything. You beg to see my post first so that you can taylor your opening against it. Next you repeatedly beg for me to back out even though I have told you over and over again that I am ready to go. Maybe if you spent less time posting here and more time working on an opening,you would be gettting somewhere!

angelsdepart said...

Frank, what you are doing is commonly called "poisoning the well." You have 6 days left to post your opening before you forfeit our debate!

Frank Walton said...

Suck my dick fag.

Naomi said...

angelsdepart, I'm not sure why you keep throwing the stick for FW-the-fuckwad to fetch. He's not a very interesting dog, he only fetches in the same boring manner - and he has more energy than sense. By not using reason and by parroting the same-old/same-old, he avoids the headache he gives to those who do use reason and critical thinking to advance in this world. FuckWads are only interested in the next, probably because they weren't born as rich, powerful and good-lucking as they feel they deserve.

Save your energy (and avoid FW-induced headaches) by throwing the stick off a cliff and watch him drop to earth with a thud, a victim of the Law of Gravity.

Matt said...

Sounds like you're trying to rationalize with someone who is entirely irrational. There's no winning. You will use reason, he won't. There will be no real conclusion. If victory is impossible, why even pick up the fight? Not impossible because of some lacking in your intellectual faculties, but lacking in the intellectual and reasoning faculties of your opponent. He is too irrational to beat with reasoning. Futile.

Finally joined this site to comment on your blogs!


angelsdepart said...

That is true Matt but this guy is a bully and it is time that he was smacked down. I will either destroy him in a moderated forum or he will fail to set up the forum and forfeit. He can't win! Nice to see you come over to Blogspot. Check out my links, there are some really incredible blogs on this site!