Sunday, July 22, 2007

Christians should not be allowed to drive!

The thought occurred to me the other day that if we are to take Christians seriously then we have to take them at their word on all of the things that they claim to believe in. This got me thinking about the common Christian belief in “the rapture.”

For those that are not familiar with this notion, let me briefly explain. The Christians believe that when Jesus died and went to heaven that he promised he would come back again and take all of his followers up to heaven with him. This would happen while they were still alive and in their fleshly form here on the earth. The rapture will precede a time on earth called the “tribulation.” During the tribulation god’s wrath will be brought down on a defiant Earth. God will spare those that were loyal to him. Immediately before the tribulation occurs he will take his followers up to heaven in the rapture.

I know it is a very confusing fairy tale as there are some guest appearances by four men riding horses through the cities of the great nations (probably the U.S.) and killing the wicked that remain behind. (I hope those horse riders can withstand our advanced weapons technologies.) Then there will be a guest appearance by this guy called the “Anti-Christ” (Most likely played by Anthony Hopkins in the eventual made for T.V. movie version) who will cause some very serious shit to go down! Anyways it is all very serious and scary stuff that has allowed authors Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye to get filthy rich off of the naive Christians through their “Left Behind” fiction series.

I digress though. The point of my rant here is that if we are supposed to take Christians at their word then we must believe that they will one day just “poof” vanish into thin air. If this is the case then we should act now to make sure that anyone that claims to be a Christian is not allowed to have a drivers license, operate heavy machinery, fly a plane or serve in the military. I mean seriously, if they are going to just vanish one day, could you imagine the devastation and chaos of millions of vehicles and work post suddenly being unmanned? It is important that we begin to protect our safety right away by taking away the rights of Christians to be involved in anything in this world that could affect anyone else.

In all seriousness we should at least ban people from driving who have this bumper sticker on their car.


Tino Huggins said...

You are teh suck. ass-head.
Frank Walton whooped your butt so thouroly!

angelsdepart said...

1. It's called spell check
2. You posted your comment on the wrong blog
3. You can't legally drive, can you?

Shawn Wilkinson said...

Something tells me tino's comment was failed sarcasm? Click his profile to see what I mean.

Reg Golb said...

Why do you think the government given us the mandatory seatbelt laws. They know the truth.

Just think about all the "dropped" cell phones. :)

tina said...

Yeah, some of my family members believe that crap.

Telmeimrong said...

What is your opinion about muslims driving? And what if it is a van?

angelsdepart said...

LOL! Do Muslims believe in the rapture?

Telmeimrong said...

They say that Allah and the God of the Bible are the same.

I was actually refering to car bombs.

angelsdepart said...

Who says that? I have not studied the Koran that much but my wife has and she tells me that there are vast differences. Of course I think that it would be safe to assume that anyways. Maybe I will read it!

As far as Muslims driving vans with car bombs are concerned, no I don't believe that Muslims or anyone else should be allowed to drive vehicles with car bombs in them.

tina said...


Intergalactic Hussy said...

A sticker like that is definitely cause for concern. Then again, the mere idea that people believe this is also cause for concern.

Huddo55 said...

Why can't we drive cars,
we can drive, we have to get to work,
and we won't just go 'poof'
The bible says that Jesus will come for the whole world to see and there will be a day of judgement so if you were worrying, we will have time to signal and park up nicely on the kerb before we go 'poof'